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Industrial washing machines

Storm Crate Washing Machine 100 pieces/h (Showroom model)

The Storm crate washer is designed for cleaning standard E1, E2 and E3 plastic crates (or similar products) with a maximum capacity of 100 pieces./h.

Consisting of a washing and rinsing zone. Cleaning is done by means of a centrifugal pump and  18 adjustable nozzles. The cleaning agent is added manually in the tank before the machine is started. The tank is equipped with a filter to collect the larger dirt particles.

The desired water temperature can be set between 30-60°C via a thermostat. The general water supply is used for rinsing. After rinsing, this water is also used for changing and extra filling of the wash tank.

The crates are transported through the zones without motor drive. The crates guide each other through the flushing line which ensures fast throughput times.

The machines are made of stainless steel 1.4301 (AISI 304) and comply with Council Directives 2006/42/ЕС and 2006/95/EC and USDA regulations.


100 pieces per hour
Tank Volume
150 liters
Cleaning Nozzles
18 stuks
Water Inlet
min. 3 bar
Water Out
Crate Dimensions
600x400x120-400 mm
400V, 16kW, 50Hz
3100x1050x1650 mm