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Disinfection and soap units

ITEC Mano Tower Disinfection Unit

Hand and surface disinfection in one unit

The Mano Tower hygiene columns are suitable for food wholesale and retail trade, as well as for all business areas where shopping trolleys are used. They are also ideal for gyms and other branches with a large numbers of visitors and customers, providing rapid surface and hand disinfection without the need for additional personnel.

The hygiene dispenser allow every customer to disinfect the shopping cart. Before entering the shop, the carts can be easily cleaned of viruses, bacteria and unwanted germs with the help of the disinfection wipes. The wipe is then discarded directly into the waste bin. Afterwards, customers can disinfect their own hands.

The dosage of the disinfectant is adjustable. Conventional bins with endless disinfectant wipes can be inserted into the device. The compartments for filling and emptying are located on the back and are lockable to protect against vandalism and theft. Two rollers mounted on the unit allow quick and easy change of position.

The columns are available in two versions, with an automatic hand disinfectant dispenser or a manual arm lever dispenser.


  • Powder coating in a RAL color
  • 11.6” Information color display, ideal for advertising campains to increase sales
  • Company logo application

1 of 5 liter disinfectant
230 V
500x531x1618 mm