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RVS Divers

Havantec Ergostep

The Havantec Ergostep ensures that your employees can easily carry out their work. All this without wringing oneself into uncomfortable and injury-sensitive positions. No dangerous or unhygienic situations by standing on loose pallets or crates, but working safely at the right height.

The Ergostep is an ideal solution when you need to work above power. Because the height of the Ergostep is adjustable, it can be used in different places and by different people.

Prevent employees from sustaining injuries such as back problems, illness and ultimately disability because they have the wrong working posture. From a health and safety point of view, it kills two birds with one stone: safety in the workplace and prevention of illness.

Completely in stainless steel 304 in various designs.
The Ergostep is stable, easy to clean and non-slip.