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Lazy Suzans

Havantec Lazy Susan 1250 mm

At Havantec we have our own brand of Lazy susans in our range.

Our standard lazy susans have a diameter of 1250 mm, an upright edge of 40 mm and a total height of 850 mm. There is a variant with 1 speed and with variable speed. Other sizes and requirements are possible on request. Havantec specialists will gladly think along with you.

Lazy susans are often used at the end of a production or packaging line.

The Havantec Lazy susan series

  1. Equipped with NORD motor
  2. Made-to-measure? No problem at all. In consultation with the client and Havantec, the lazy susan can be designed entirely according to your wishes

Are you looking for the right solution within your production process? Havantec's specialists like to think along with you!



Rotation speed
Table edge
Havantec Draaitafel 1250 mm standaard gestuurd
1250 mm
3.1 RPM
0,25 kW
40 mm
850 mm
105 kg
Havantec Draaitafel 1250 mm frequentie gestuurd
1250 mm
0,25 kW
40 mm
850 mm
105 kg
Havantec Draaitafel maatwerk