Jaycraft Afweegband
Jaycraft Afweegband
Jaycraft Afweegband invoertrechter
Jaycraft Afweegband invoertrechter
Jaycraft Afweegband Kantelpunt weegunit
Weighing systems

Havantec Bagger & Weigher

The weighing belt is suitable for weighing a wide variety of products, such as vegetables, fruit, meat and fish.

Place the product in the hopper, the conveyor belt with side guides will lead your product to the tipping point and it will fall onto the scale in the desired packaging. In order to weigh as accurately as possible, the conveyor belt slows down when the set weight is approached. This machine is ideal for weighing portions up to 25 kilos.

The belt can be disassembled and removed by simply removing the lower drum. This allows easy cleaning and maintenance access.

The weighing belt is easy to move and can therefore be used at several locations within your production location.


2600 x 1040 x 1600 mm