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Vacuum tumblers

Nowicki Tiltable & Cooled Vacuum Tumblers MAH-collection

Nowicki's MAH-Series tumblers are the tiltable, refrigerated tumblers in our range. The MAH-series is available with a capacity of 3200 to 10200 litres. Tumblers are used to marinate products as efficiently as possible. The product is opened under vacuum, which makes it absorb the marinade better. A cooling unit is built into the tumbler. Havantec's specialists will be pleased to support you in choosing the right accessories.

Various programmes can be preset by touch screen in order to always achieve a constant product result. Among other things, it can be set how far the drum should be from the vacuum and how many rotations per minute should be made. The tilt can also be set.

The MAH series by Nowicki

  1. No ice formation on the outside
  2. Insulated with glass wool
  3. Machines are polished instead of sandblasted
  4. Higher loading capacity due to the possibility of tilting
  5. Equipped with NORD motors
  6. Made-to-measure? No problem at all. In consultation with the customer and Nowicki, the tumbler can be made to your requirements.

Can optionally be equipped with

  1. Tipper for loading
  2. Steam injection
  3. Weighing system

Bent u op zoek naar de juiste oplossing binnen uw productieproces? De specialisten van Havantec denken graag met u mee!


Metalbud Nowicki

Cool unit
Measurements (highest position)
3200 liter
0-12 RPM
11,5 kW
4260x2360x2860 mm
3000 kg
5200 liter
0-11 RPM
14,8 kW
4480x2370x2960 mm
3500 kg
7200 liter
0-10 RPM
17,6 kW
4800x2390x3170 mm
4400 kg
10200 liter
0-9 RPM
21,0 kW
5260x2710x3400 mm
5700 kg