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Vacuum Machines

Henkelman Vacuummachines Neo-series

The Neo series is part of Henkelman's range of table-top vacuum machines.

The Neo series are the latest table top models that are suitable for standard packaging. The difference with the Jumbo and Boxer series is that more options are available here. In addition, the Neo series can be controlled via the VacAssist app on the telephone. The maximum chamber size within this series is 460x420x180 mm.

The controller has a 20-programme memory.

The Henkelman Neo series

  1. Equipped with a user-friendly 4.7'' LCD screen
  2. Equipped with Busch vacuum pump
  3. Equipped with 20-program memory
  4. Suitable for label printer
  5. Hygienic design
  6. Adjustable via the free VacAssist app
  7. 3-year parts guarantee

Optionally available with

  1. Cut-off
  2. Sealing systems
  3. Sensor control
  4. Seal configurations
  5. Higher lid
  6. Liquid control
  7. Gassing
  8. ACS (Advanced control system, for milling, red meat, jarring and marinating)

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Seal bar
Pump capacity
Machine cycle
Chamber measurements
Machine measurements
Neo 42
420 mm
21 m³/h
15-35 sec.
370x420x180 mm
544x499x461 mm
Neo 42XL
420 mm
21 m³/h
15-35 sec.
460x420x180 mm
637x499x466 mm