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Vacuum Machines

Henkelman Vacuummachine Falcon-series

The Falcon-Series is a floor model within the Henkelman range of vacuum machines.

The Falcon-series contains floor models that are suitable for vacuuming larger quantities. The maximum chamber size within this series is 700x550x235 mm. The Falcon 2-60 and 2-70 are equipped with a double chamber. The Falcon series is easy to move and can therefore be used at various places within the production. The aluminium lid has a viewing window to monitor the process.

The control unit has a 10-program memory.

Henkelman Falcon series

  1. Equipped with simple push-button controls
  2. Equipped with Busch vacuum pump
  3. Equipped with 10-program memory
  4. 3-year warranty on parts

Optionally available with

  1. Cut-off
  2. Second seal bar
  3. Seal configurations for more packing capacity
  4. Liquid control for vacuuming liquids
  5. Sensor control for a constant result
  6. Gassing for quality and structure maintenance
  7. Higher lid to create more space in the chamber

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