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Smoking & Cooking

SPAKO Kombikast SPM-70/80

The Spako Kombikast is specially designed for butchers and small meat companies. The Kombikast enables all important operations such as drying, smoking, cooking, baking, colouring, showering and limited air-conditioning and ensures that you have total control over all these processes.

Smoke developers

The SPM series can be supplied with a liquid smoke developer. This ensures less smoke emission and less tar. The result is a better quality product and easy cleaning of the Kombikast. The reduced emissions also means that it is better for the environment and the health of your customers. The liquid smoke gives you the choice of various aromas with which you can alter the colour and taste according to your own wishes.

Completely new is the "Touchsmoke" system. Practical and space saving processed in the door simulates this process an authentic smoke box. A piece of wood is heated on a ceramic plate which generates smoke.  The smoke is produced at a low temperature and is then circulated through the chamber. When the cube is finished, a new cube is started automatically.

Durable design

Spako's Kombikast is made of durable materials with the latest welding and insulation techniques. Available with fixed wall rails or wheeled-in trolley. If you choose for the fixed wall rails, the pole length is 70 or 80 cm. With trolley the length becomes 10 cm shorter.


The touch-screen control ensures easy operation. The user only selects a program and starts it. The machine does the rest and gives a signal when the process is finished. You can set and save various programs as desired.


Standard features of the room are: moisture injection, shower and cleaning, infinitely variable fan speed control, automatic control of input and output valves, room and core temperature control and a registration option via a USB output or your PC.


230/400V, 50Hz
1130x920x705 mm