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Smoking & Cooking

SPAKO Cookingkettle RHP ­­­ ­­­ ­­­ ­­­ ­­­ ­­­ ­­­ ­­­ ­­­ ­­­ ­­­ ­­­ ­­­ 250 to 700 Liter

This series of rectangular boilers, ranging from 250 litres up to and including 700 litres, are made entirely of stainless steel. The boiler can be designed for gas (RHP...G), electric (RHP....E) or steam heating (RHP...S).

The boilers with a capacity of 250 and 350 litres are intended for traditional companies. Because the size is smaller, the lid can be made easier.  Depending on the preference a classic partially hinged lid, a fully hinged lid or an energy-saving double-walled lid. The basic boiler is single-walled and transmits the heat directly to the water. Great for cooking cups, hams or sausages. But not only for the sausage factory but also for other applications such as making sugar solution for gingerbread or glaze.

If the product burns easily, such as a homemade soup, then the double wall is a good solution. The kettle is then given a double wall, filled with oil. With the MC TT120 you can control both the temperature of the boiler and the temperature of the oil. The cooking is gradual and therefore low-burning. Within the standard sizes, we can adjust the location of the drain valve, thermostat cabinet and inputs to your local capabilities.