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Smoking & Cooking

Havantec Cookingkettle 200 Liter

The Havantec Cookingkettles are made entirely of high quality stainless steel and are extremely suitable for the preparation of meat products, potatoes, soups and sauces, among other things.

The kettle is electrically heated and is equipped with a double-walled rectangular inner kettle with glycerine filling. The double-walled kettle with glycerine filling prevents products from being burned.

Characteristics of an electrically heated cookingkettle

  • Good heat transfer
  • Reduced risk of burning the product
  • Elements in glycerine
  • Bottom + side wall heated
  • Bottom descending to the drain valve
  • Inner shell and outer shell are optimally insulated
  • CE marking
  • Hygienic construction according to HACCP
  • Low maintenance

400 V, 2x 8 kW
Kettle dimensions
Ø 700x530 mm
Ø 760x860 mm