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Westfalia Tiltable Bowlmixer U415

Mixer with 400 liter bowl for mixing various types of food products. Gentle handling of the products through adjusted speed of the mixing arms Built-in lift ensures easy loading from 200 liter standard trucks and unloading is also possible directly in one or two standard trucks. Specially designed with hygiene in mind. This makes cleaning the mixing arms and tub extremely easy and fast. Touch screen control that makes it possible to pre-set up to 80 mixing programs. Mixing program can, if desired, be adjusted during a process. Optionally with scraper for complete emptying of the tub.


Stork & Hermann
Installed Power
5,57 kW
Standard control
Programmable Button panel
Variable speed
2100 kg
Opening / closing lids
Dimensions excl. lift (LxWxH)
3200x1900x2570 mm