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N&N Z-arm Mixers MIX-Z-series

The MIX-Z series by N&N Nadratowski is our line of Z-arm mixers, capable of mixing solid structure products. An example is a product with the structure of dough.

With a capacity of 300 litres to 2600 litres, tilting bowl and various adjustable programmes, you can choose a z-arm mixer that fits in perfectly with your production process. Havantec specialists will gladly support you in choosing the right accessories.

The MIXZ series from N&N

  1. Equipped with a user-friendly digital touchscreen from the Mitsubishi brand. The software allows manual and automatic operation and up to 100 mixing programmes, each programme consisting of 5 programmable steps.
  2. Equipped with variable speed. Up to exactly the desired speed can be set with the digital touch screen.
  3. Equipped with NORD motors.
  4. Made-to-measure? No problem at all. In consultation with the customer and N&N, the mixer can be designed entirely according to your wishes.

Optionally available with

  1. Temperature sensors
  2. Water dosing system
  3. Easy Clean system for easy cleaning of the mixing bowl and Z-arm
  4. Weighing system
  5. Transport trolley lift for easy loading with 200 litre standard bins

Are you looking for the right solution within your production process? Havantec's specialists will gladly think along with you!



300 liter
5-48 RPM
7,5 kW
2030x980x1630 mm
1100 kg
500 liter
4-40 RPM
11,0 kW
2160x1100x1920 mm
1420 kg
1000 liter
4-30 RPM
22,0 kW
2780x1420x2010 mm
2850 kg
1500 liter
3-28 RPM
30,0 kW
3270x1670x2280 mm
4050 kg