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N&N Paddlemixer MIX-COOK

The MIX Cook series is an innovative two-axis cooking mixer that comes standard with a steam or oil heated wall, allowing your products to be cooked quickly and evenly during mixing.

Thanks to the ability to equip the machine with an innovative system of plastic scrapers that prevent burning, the machine can be used for cooking various products such as sauces, mashed potatoes, baby food, vegetables, rice, cereals or minced meat and offal.

Characteristic for this series of machines is the possibility to adjust the speed and the direction of rotation for each axis separately.

The N&N's mixers of the MIX Cook series, thanks to the two built-in outlet valves and the low distance between the shafts and the mixing bowl, allow a fast and safe ejection of the cooked product, while only a minimal amount of product remains between the individual batches.

The mixers of the MIX Cook series are standard equipped with an HMI color touch screen, which is user-friendly and intuitive to use.

Special software with advanced cooking options and process monitoring and control equipment allows you to control your production process down to the last detail. The possibility of recipe management and access control makes it possible to maintain the repeatability of individual product batches.

The MIX Cook series can be equipped with a system of hygienic nozzles for direct steam injection into the product, allowing the process to be accelerated even several times without the effect of burning.


Max. temperature
120 °C
3 bar