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Nowicki Frozen Block Grinder W-B-series

The W-B-Series by Nowicki is our collection of frozen block wolves. The W-B-series is suitable to wolf down frozen products (up to -20° degrees Celcius).

With a cutting plate of 200 and 280 mm and a variety of accessories you can choose a frozen block wolf that perfectly suits your product processes. Havantec's specialists will gladly support you in choosing the right accessories.

The feed worm brings the product to the press worm, after which the press worm pushes the product through the knives and cutting plates. The cutting plates and knives are available in the desired output sizes.

The W-B Series from Nowicki

  1. Equipped with a clear button control or a user-friendly digital touch screen from the Mitsubishi brand
  2. Worm easily removable
  3. Always a spare parts trolley included
  4. Equipped with NORD motors
  5. Made-to-measure? No problem at all. In consultation with the customer and Nowicki, the mincer can be completely tailored to the customer's wishes.

Can optionally be equipped with

  1. Standard truck lift for easy loading with 200 litre standard bins
  2. Feeding belt
  3. Raised hopper

Are you looking for the right solution within your production process? Havantec's specialists are happy to think along with you!


Metalbud Nowicki

Diameter holeplate
Capacity of hopper
200 mm,600 liter
3290x1995x3275 mm
3920 kg
280 mm
650 liter
3960x2390x3455 mm
6550 kg