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Lakidis Grinder MG─130L Premix

A completely stainless steel meat grinder suitable for both fresh and frozen meat. Strong model, with automatic feeding for continuous run. 

The machine is equipped with a funnel and premix arm that runs on the same time with the feeder and directs products to the knives.

Has the ability to run with 2 speeds for fast and better products process. The feeding system is completely stainless steel and gives the opportunity to the user of the machine to homogenize meat and fat. 

This ability is enforced by the machine's characteristic option to use a variety of cutting elements. 

The machine complies with all European Union safety instructions.


Power grinder
9,2 kW
Premix motor
0,75 Kw
Loader motor
1,1 Kw
Feeding surface width
560 mm
Dimensions (L x W x H)
1070/640/1360 mm