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Bretec Volume Dosing Machine

The VDM-Series Volume Dosing Machines of Bretec are machines to dose liquid products from a buggy into a packaging machine. Think for example of soups and sauces.

The volume depositor can be used stand-alone, or can be integrated in an existing production line. As an example, the depositor can dose up to 1 litre per stroke. At the push of a button, the programme changes to 2 strokes per dosage, dosing up to a maximum of 2 litres per portion.

To prevent the ingredients from settling during longer intervals, the doser is equipped with a mixing function. The machine automatically keeps its buffer at the right level and gives a warning when the buggy is empty.

The VDM-series from Bretec

  1. Equipped with mixing function to prevent sedimentation
  2. Hopper fills up automatically
  3. Custom made? No problem at all. In consultation with the client and Bretec, the volume dosing machine can be executed completely according to your wishes.

Are you looking for the right solution within your production process? The Havantec specialists are happy to think along with you!