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Deighton Fryer EconoFry-series

The EconoFry series by Deighton is our collection of deep fryers. In the fryer line, various products can be deep-fried with a constant result. In addition, the deep fryer fits seamlessly into the complete Deighton line.

With an output of 200 to 1200 kg per hour, and various belt widths, you can choose a deep fryer that is extremely suitable for your production process. Havantec's specialists will be happy to support you in choosing the right fryer.

The heating elements are incorporated in the insulated tank so that the heat is transferred as efficiently as possible. Cooking time and temperature can be adjusted to suit your needs.

The EconoFry series by Deighton

  1. Electrically heated
  2. Easy to operate from central control panel
  3. Equipped with oil level detection
  4. Easy to remove transport unit

Are you looking for the right solution within your production process? Havantec's specialists like to think along with you!



Max. output
EconoFry 200x3
Up to 200 kg/h
180 liter
23 kW
1100x2800x1300 mm
EconoFry 200x5
Up to 400 kg/h
350 liter
41 kW
1100x4800x1530 mm
EconoFry 300x3
Up to 300 kg/h
220 liter
32 kW
1200x2800x1300 mm
EconoFry 300x5
Up to 600 kg/h
410 liter
65 kW
1200x4800x1530 mm
EconoFry 400x3
Up to 400 kg/h
270 liter
36 kW
1300x2800x1300 mm
EconoFry 400x5
Up to 800 kg/h
510 liter
72 kW
1300x4800x1530 mm
EconoFry 600x3
Up to 600 kg/h
360 liter
41 kW
1500x2800x1300 mm
EconoFry 600x5
Up to 1200 kg/h
680 liter
82 kW
1500x4800x1530 mm