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Battering- and breadingmachines

Deighton Breading Unit EconoCrumb-series

The EconoCrumb-Series by Deighton is our collection of breadcrumbing units, for the breadcrumbing of shaped or coated products. The clamping unit fits seamlessly into the complete Deighton line.

With outputs from 400 to 900 kg per hour and various belt widths, you can choose a panelling unit that is ideally suited to your production process. Havantec's specialists will be happy to support you in choosing the right breading unit.

The product is breaded by means of a crumb 'curtain' which ensures optimum covering of the product.

The EconoCrumb series by Deighton

  1. Equipped with variable speed
  2. Easy to operate from a central control panel
  3. Quantities can be accurately set
  4. Easy to remove transport unit

Are you looking for the right solution within your production process? Havantec's specialists like to think along with you!



Max. output
EconoCrumb 200
Up to 400 kg/h
30 liter
1,75 kW
1600x980x1850 mm
170 kg
EconoCrumb 300
Up to 450 kg/h
45 liter
2,62 kW
1600x1250x1850 mm
240 kg
EconoCrumb 400
Up to 600 kg/h
60 liter
3,37 kW
1600x1350x1850 mm
260 kg
EconoCrumb 600
Up to 900 kg/h
90 liter
3,37 kW
1600x1550x1850 mm
290 kg