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Mobile units

Mobile unit NEXT 0145

The mobile units serve as a mobile main station, a built-in pressure booster pump and (depending on the model) compressor ensure that only a power supply and a water supply without pressure booster is needed for cleaning. All functions of the mobile unit are operated with just one handle on the side of the unit, making operation extremely easy. The NEXT technology allows the use of 3 chemicals in one injector block with only one outlet.

In addition, the mobile units are also available for 2 persons, so that 2 persons can clean at the same time with 1 mobile unit.

Standard delivered with:
25/30 Flush nozzle - "High Impact"
25/30 Coil lance - "High Impact"
50/200 Foam nozzle
40/30 Disinfection Nozzle
Nozzle holder

Available in versions:
MO Next 0127 - 1 user - without compressor -Power 7.5 kW - Item number: FO7011613
MO Next 0127 XA - 1 user - with built-in compressor power 8.5 kW - Item number: FO7011618


Min./max. inlet pressure
2/10 bar
Max. water consumption
120 L/min.
Pipe diameter inlet
Exhaust pipe diameter
Supply air diameter
Min./max pressure
5/10 Bar
Compressed air consumption
150-200 L/min
Power supply
380-500V, 50-60Hz
see description
725 x 1210 x 985 mm