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Main Stations & Satellites

Satellite SU 0127 Light

The SU 0127 Light satellite is connected to the main station or the pressure booster pump, which is used by the satellite. supplying pressurized water. The satellite can be used for rinsing and foaming. The unique "High Impact" rinsing nozzle makes rinsing up to 25% more efficient and saves both water and man-hours. SU 0127 Light is designed with an easy to maintain manual changeover block. The changeover function is operated by a stainless steel handle on the side of the unit.

Supplied as standard with:
25/30 Rinse nozzle - "High Impact"
50/200 Foam nozzle
Nozzle holder

Available in execution:
SU 0127 Light - Article number: FO7001020


Min./max. inlet pressure
10/27 bar
Max. water consumption
50 L/min.
Pipe diameter inlet
Supply air diameter
Min./max pressure
5/10 Bar
Compressed air consumption
150-200 L/min
220 x 120 x 80 mm