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Main Stations & Satellites

Satellite SU 0110 TWP Light

The SU 0110 TWP Light satellite must be connected to a water pipe with (Tap Water Pressure) domestic water pressure and compressed air. The satellite can be used for rinsing and foaming. The SU 0110 TWP Light is supplied as a plug and clean kit with a 12.5 meter spray hose and ball valve. SU 0110 TWP Light is designed with an easy to maintain manual changeover block. The changeover function is operated by a stainless steel handle on the side of the unit.

Standard delivered with:
25/30 Rinsing nozzle - "High Impact"
50/200 Foam nozzle
Nozzle holder
12.5 metres 3/4" hose
Brass ball valve

Available in execution:
SU 0110 TWP Light - Article number: FO7001020


Min./max. inlet pressure
2/10 bar
Max. water consumption
15 L/min.
Pipe diameter inlet
Supply air diameter
Min./max pressure
2/10 Bar
Compressed air consumption
150-200 L/min
220 x 120 x 80 mm