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Main Stations & Satellites

Main stations 1 to 6 users

Designed for individual and independent use as a satellite and as a booster to supply other satellites with water at pressure. The pressure booster pumps are equipped with the latest Grundfoss technology and high-quality IE5 motor. The pump is equipped with a clear digital display on which the inlet pressure, outlet pressure, temperature and set pressure can be easily read. In addition, any malfunctions can also be easily read out.

The main station is connected to a water pipe after which the pressure of the water is dynamically increased to 27 Bar and can be used directly via the built-in satellite and fed to other satellites.

For increased protection of the pump, an automatic air valve is available as an extra accessory.
Article number FO99805

Standard delivered with:
25/30 Coil nozzle - "High Impact"
25/30 Coil lance - "High Impact"
50/200 Foam nozzle
40/30 Disinfection Nozzle
Nozzle holder

Available in versions for 1 to 6 users simultaneously
MS 0127 - 1 user - 1.1 kW   - Article number FO7011518
MS 0227 - 2 users - 2.2 kW - Article number FO7011523
MS 0327 - 3 users - 3.0 kW - Article number FO7011528
MS 0427 - 4 users - 4.0 kW - Article number FO7011533
MS 0627 - 6 users - 7.5 kW - Article number FO7011538


Min./max. inlet pressure
2/10 bar
Max. water consumption
50 - 200 L/min. depending on model
Pipe diameter inlet
1 1/4"
Outlet pipe diameter
1 1/4"
Compressed air supply diameter
Min./max pressure
5/10 Bar
Compressed air consumption
150-200 L/min
Power supply
380-500V, 50-60Hz
see description
502 x 952 x 410 mm