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Main Stations & Satellites

Main Station MS0112/MSC0112

Main stations are designed for independent use or as a booster to provide FOAMICO satellites with pressurized water. The standard range contains up to 27 bar models, the largest model can supply enough water for up to 6 simultaneous users. 

All main stations - with the exception of the 6 bar model - are equipped with the best - energy-optimized motor technology from Grundfos - Grundfos blueflux®. NEXT is the newest generation of our high-quality product range. The technology is equipped with a block with 3 injectors, allowing up to 3 chemicals with only one outlet to be used. Imagine that you need 2 different concentrations of the same chemical and an extra disinfectant as a third chemical. The NEXT concept makes this possible. NEXT devices do not have a separate start / stop and no extra handle to switch the air on / off. All functions are operated with only one handle, making the operation of the devices very easy.


Min./max. inlet pressure
2/10 bar
Max. water consumption
40 L/min.
Pipe dimension inlet
Compressed air supply diameter
Min./max pressure
5/10 Bar
150-200 L/min
220-240V, 50-60Hz
(MS 0112) 1.1kW / (MSC 0112) 1.6kW
505 x 680 x 380 mm
(MS 0112) 57 kg / (MSC 0112) 65 kg
Article number
(MS 0112) FO7001514 / (MSC 0112) FO7001564