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Meatbin accessories

Havantec Meatbin Stacker Type SNT

Cooling, brining, curing and maturing of food products are time consuming and a lot of space is required for a large production. With Standard trolley Stacker SNT both 200 and 300 liter standard trolleys up to 1800mm high can be lifted and easily placed in racks. This allows up to 3 standard trolleys to be placed on top of each other.

Easy control

The machine is easy to move so it can be used anywhere in your company. The mobile elevator is equipped with a powerful battery and is compactly built. The elevator shaft is a telescopic system that keeps the machine as small as possible and makes it easy to handle. The perfect solution to relieve the back of your employees and improve production.

Safety is key

Type SNT is equipped with both an alarm when reversing as well as an LED flashlight to warn colleagues in the neighborhood of the moving parts. The machine sinks on gravity with its single acting hydraulic cylinder. This makes it a very safe device in your production.

Standard truck stackers are specially designed for the food industry. The machines are made of stainless steel and therefore easy to clean with for example both high and low pressure. Backsaver model SNT is designed and produced in the Netherlands since the year 2014.


12 V semi-traction battery
985 x 1265 x 1730 (2530) mm
300 kg