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Industrial washing machines

Nowicki LR-1 Sticker Remover

Removing stickers from your crates is often a difficult, labor-intensive task. Stickers remain in place or glue residues remain behind. 

The Nowicki LR-1 Sticker Remover ensures that your crates are effortlessly de-stickered and can thus be reused in your production without confusion and clearly recognizable.

The crate is rotated 360 degrees in order to be able to remove stickers from any surface of the crate. With the help of nozzles, chemicals can be applied and a special high-pressure pump ensures that the sticker is easily removed from the crate.

Depending on the type of sticker, the machine can de-sticker 400-800 crates per hour.

Modular or as a freestanding machine

The LR-1 can be added as a module to your crate washer or available as a stand-alone machine. This way you can choose to have the removal of the stickers and the cleaning of the crate fully automatic.


Metalbud Nowicki
Crate dimensions
600x400x200 mm
Water consumption
800 - 1000 L/h
3x 400V, 17kW
Machine dimensions
3700x1420x1820 mm
920 kg