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Industrial washing machines

Nowicki Cratewashers MP-series

Nowicki's MP-Series are our crate washers, capable of thorough crate cleaning.

The crate washers are available with various capacities, namely from 150 crates to 600 crates per hour. In addition, the crate washers can be equipped with a pre-wash module and a blow-off module. Havantec specialists will gladly support you in choosing the right accessories.

Heating of the crate washer is possible by electricity, gas, power and oil.

Control of the crate washer is simple by means of a digital touch screen.

The MP series by Nowicki

  1. Equipped with a user-friendly digital touchscreen of the brand Mitsubishi
  2. Equipped with water-saving system when no crate is washed
  3. Hygienically designed
  4. Made-to-measure? No problem at all. In consultation with the customer and Nowicki, the crate washer can be executed entirely according to the customer's wishes.

Can optionally be equipped with

  1. Pre-wash module
  2. Discharge module
  3. Rack for one-man operation
  4. Rotating filter

Are you looking for the right solution within your production process? Havantec's specialists like to think along with you!


Metalbud Nowicki

Motor power
Heating element power
Steam supplu
Water supply
Tank capacity
Up to 150 crates p/h
3,0 kW
18,0 kW
3/4'' max.
3/4'' max.
200 liter
2630x1057x1820 mm
460 kg
Up to 300 crates p/h
5,5 kW
27,0 kW
1'' max.
3/4'' max.
340 liter
3630+2300x1210x2004 mm
700 kg
Up to 400 crates p/h
7,5 kW
27,0 kW
1'' max.
3/4'' max.
340 liter
3850+2310x1390x2010 mm
790 kg
Up to 600 crates p/h
7,5 kW
27,0 kW
1'' max.
3/4'' max.
380 liter
4100+2400x1510x1985 mm
850 kg