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Industrial washing machines

Nowicki Container Washer MPD─1

Designed to wash both 200 and 300 liter standard trolleys as well as dolav containers.

The MPD-1 provides thorough cleaning and disinfection of all your Meatbins and Dolav containers. The machine consists of a washing and rinsing chamber and a hydraulic loading and unloading flap.

Water circulates in a closed filtered cycle. A possibility to adjust the amount of rinsing water guarantees a clear view of, and control over, the total water consumption.

An electronic detergent dosing system ensures the addition of detergents during the washing cycle.

Compact design with safety features and photocells ensures maximum safety for your employees during machine operation.

By using a rotating arm with spray nozzles, it is possible to completely clean up to 60 standard trolleys and 30 Dolaf bins per hour.


Metalbud Nowicki
Steam consumption
80 kg/h
75 kW
4620x2350x2860 mm
1600 kg