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ITEC Hygiene Stations 23860-series

ITEC's 23860 Series, also known as Solo Dynamic, is our most compact hygienic station. Solo Dynamic is equipped with a turnstile, so hygienic access can be controlled even in small spaces.

The 23860 is a hygiene station which needs to be activated by sensors when entering the lock. In addition to cleaning the soles, the user must also clean their hands. Only then is the turnstile released. Soap and water are supplied separately via pipes and are mixed on the brushes. After the cleaning process there is a rinsing cycle with clean water.

Brush is easily removable for cleaning.

The 23860 Series from ITEC

  1. Easy to operate by sensor
  2. Brush easily removable
  3. Compact model
  4. Cleaning of soles and hands
  5. Can also be equipped with dry cleaning and dirtying tray

Optionally available with

  1. Choice of inlet complete or inlet control

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Cleaning detergent
Water supply connection
R ¾“ female thread
Water temperature
+ 38 °C, max. + 40 °C
Water consumption
10 l/min at 4 bar line pressure
Wastewater disposal connection
R 1½“
Machine weight
approx. 55 kg