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Disinfection and soap units

ITEC Inlet Complete

Each step is visualised by an LED symbol light. Thanks to the potential-free contact, the automatic doors only open after completion of the hygiene process.

As an alternative, the Inlet Complete can be equipped with a two-arm revolving door for easier access in the event of an emergency.

Time attendance systems, signal horns, etc. can be connected as an option.
Can be combined with the ITEC Star Clean IV series and is available as a left- and right-handed version.

Efficient hand hygiene during production input

  • Controlled process flow
  • Full hand disinfection with 4 nozzles
  • Available with water/soap pre-mix or seperate water/soap dispensing 
  • Handdrying by means of a air dryer, with integrated F8 air filter (optionally with paper dispensers)

230V, 50-60 Hz, 1.9 kW
Protective device
Connection water supply
KW½”, WW½”