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Disinfection and soap units

ITEC Hand Desinfection ─ MANO─Vision Type 23780

100% hand disinfection before access to your production facilities

The MANO Vision Typ 23780 monitors hand disinfection by means of a camera. On this newly developed disinfectant dispenser, the camera checks whether both hands really have been held in the disinfection area and whether the position of the hands is optimal for disinfection.

To maximise disinfection by spraying over, the disinfectant is only dispensed from the MANO Vision if the fingers are spread within the disinfection area. The user is able to track the correct position of the hands on the display.

The acces to production areas will be only granted if the disinfection process has been successfully completed.

Camera-controlled hand cleaning prevents the disinfection procedure from being manipulated.

The MANO Vision is controlled by means of an integrated  computer. A wide range of parameter data can be analysed, such as  the amount of disinfectant left in the canister, the number of times  it has been used and any potential soiling of the camera.