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Cleaning Basins

ITEC Cleaning Basin Type 20580W ─ Sensor In Tap+Dyson AIRBLADE

Cleaning and drying hands at a stainless steel basin With integrated hand drying technology from Dyson Airblade Tap, hands can be dried at the sink in just 12 seconds. 

A separate hand-drying area is unnecessary which prevents dripping onto floors and improves hygiene. Water and air is supplied contactless – users do not need to touch the outlet. Intelligent infra-red sensors generate light to determine the precise positioning of hands. 

The highly effective HEPA filter removes 99.9 % of all air-borne bacteria and viruses before they reach the hands. Contactless operation means water is consumed only when hands are held under the outlet. This reduces water consumption and operating costs.

• Hygienic design with a stainless steel rear panel and finely finished hygienic surfaces.
• The integrated Dyson AIRBLADE™ Tap, a sensor fitting with an integrated hand dryer, enables hand cleaning and drying directly at the basin in just 12 seconds.
• No extra hand-drying space required and no splashes onto floor surfaces.
• Both water and air is controlled by a sensor so no contact is necessary to outlet fittings or control buttons.
• Water consumption is reduced significantly.
• Cleaning troughs with two and three Dyson AIRBLADE™ Tap also available.


Sensor integrated in the inflow fitting
Dimensions (LxWxH)
500x505x805 mm