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Havantec Stainless Steel Elevator & Elevating belt

TAn elevator, also known as an elevator belt, is usually used when your goods need to be transported upwards. Carriers can be placed on an elevator to prevent your product from rolling or sliding down.

To collect product or to gradually increase larger quantities, the elevator can be equipped with an infeed or outfeed hopper on the belt.

Applications are for example to fill packaging or to bridge a height difference within your production facilities.

Due to the choice of materials and the hygienic design, the stainless steel belt conveyors are suitable for, among others, the food industry (HACCP environment), the pharmaceutical industry and the chemical industry. In the design phase good cleanability is taken into account by the standard or optional application of:

  • a foldable infeed roller
  • a folding side guide
  • a detachable hopper
  • a drum motor
  • an FDA and/or HACCP approved banding material
  • an easily removable belt
  • an open frame for easy access during cleaning

Partly due to the modular concept it is possible to make various types of belt conveyors.