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MAM-600 mixer-massager

Suppliers of Havantec

havantec has a wide ASSORTMENT of products supplied by our highly APPRECIATED suppliers. 

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N&N Nadratowski Food Processing Equipment 

N&N Nadratowski Food Processing Equipment established in 2001 is a modern high-tech food machinery manufacturing company based in Bielsk, Poland. Since our inception, we have been putting  a great emphasis on quality and also giving a personal approach to each and every customer, with this philosophy in place it has have helped us to satisfy many customer requirements.

Our narrow area of specialisation, flexibility and attention to detail in the manufacture of our products have helped us gain hundreds of satisfied customers, as well as become one of the leading mixer manufacturers in the world. Thanks to our extensive network of reliable representatives, the majority of devices produced in Bielsk are exported to dozens of countries located on every continent.

N&N Nadratowski Food Processing Equipment have over the years become one of the most recognised mixing machines manufacturers in the world. We are totally focused on the continuous development of existing products and new product ideas, which will enable the company to achieve the position of worldwide leader within the food machinery sector.

Metalbud NOWICKI 

Metalbud NOWICKI is one of the most recognized European manufacturers of high quality machines for meat processing. The company’s tradition of reliable production and professional service is dating back to 1974.

At Metalbud Nowicki Highly-skilled and experienced specialists (scientific research engineers, engineers – designers, technologists, operating personnel of CNC machines, technicians and managers) are able to implement even the most difficult and complex tasks resulting from constantly changing customer’s needs. The crucial aim of the Metalbud NOWICKI’s activity is to satisfy the customer’s needs at the highest level.

Metalbud NOWICKI is a manufacturer of approximately 20 series of types comprising almost 150 models of machines for meat and food processing as well as complete, technological lines for individual applications. We have developed our network of traders, direct sales and distributors in over 70 countries on all continents, thus providing professional worldwide support.

Our production is based on up-to-date, highly advanced technologies of cutting, machining, plastic forming as well as on repeatable assembly operations. All of them are carried out with professional, digitally operated machines which are supervised by the computer quality control system; for example machines for water cutting ("Water Jet"), for plasma cutting, laser cutting, machines with numerical control: turning lathes, CNC millers, advanced semi-automatic welding machines and assembly stations.

Every step of production process is subject to quality control which begins with raw materials delivery (testing of hardness, testing of conformity of material composition and dimensions), include all manufacturing operations and it is finished with final quality control of ready machines in operation. All the quality control system is supervised by a computer system which eliminates defective materials, components and semi-finished products so that the highest quality elements are directed to the assembly lines.

Metalbud-NOWICKI ’s designing office, technological department and R&D department are equipped with professional construction and laboratory- tools. They are oriented for a permanent development of our existing products for their better performance and to forecast future demand of the market.

ITEC Frontmatec Hygiene 

We see hygiene as the essence of everything. We believe that hygiene protects consumers while also providing a global competitive advantage. This is especially true wherever high standards of hygiene are required – e.g. in the food industry, distribution, gastronomy, hospitals and medical practices. Since 1990, we have therefore dedicated ourselves to the manufacture of high-quality hygiene systems.
Our aim is to fully integrate hygiene into our customers' operating procedures – reliable, modern and profitable for all. ITEC branded products include modular cleaning and disinfecting solutions and extend through to rigorous control systems and complete hygiene sluices. In food hygiene, ITEC products range from knife and apron cleaning units through to chemical-free surface cleansing using UV-C tunnel systems.
ITEC is a strong brand within the Frontmatec Group. Since 2017, it has been a specialist brand for innovative hygiene equipment and solutions under the Frontmatec parent brand. The ITEC brand emerged from the Beckum-based ITEC company, a global market leader for personal hygiene systems, innovative automation solutions for the food industry, and ergonomically designed process tools.

Frey Maschinenbau 

Filling machines with innovation and tradition.

The roots of our medium-sized firm, led as a family-owned company, lie in the heart of Baden-Württemberg. We are producers of high-quality filling stuffers for the butcher trade and the food processing industry.

Our company is constantly working on new challenges and grows with its tasks. For over 70 years FREY has successfully established itself on the market with its piston and vacuum filling machines and offers always the maximum benefit to their customers.

Our constant impulse is to find always perfect solutions for your tasks. We work for the future, thus continuously developing ouselves. Beginning with employee qualifications, investments in our modern machinery, supporting software applications and new filling stuffers.

Due to a constant improvement process we further develop all our products such as piston stuffers, vacuum stuffers, sausage lines and Convenience food lines, thus continuously optimizing your filling process.

PHT Partner for Hygiene and Technology 

Anyone who deals with hygiene in the food industry knows about the necessity of permanent optimization and adaptation to operating situations. Often, small details determine application success and hygiene quality. The technology of cleaning equipment and systems must follow this rhythm: over many years, all PHT employees have built up a wealth of experience, finding practical solutions to concrete projects and the innovation of our equipment. The quality of our technology is the result of systematic work and no coincidence.
Due to the high degree of networking with the production of food, the hygiene technology must be ready for action at the exact time. This not only applies to the installation and commissioning of new systems, but also to daily operation. PHT favors planned service and maintenance programs in the form of preventative or preventive service, which help to minimize emergency situations. If, despite everything, an ad hoc need arises, then our reliable service team is ready to make it possible to restore safe hygiene conditions for production.

Our employees in the sales, technical and service teams ensure that it does not just stay with slogans. You always strive, whether in questions about technical issues or the commercial processing, to work out a partnership solution with our customers.

Apple Food Systems 

Apple Food Systems in Hull is the world leader in the manufacture of bakery depositors, food processing equipment, piston fillers and cake decorators. Apple designs, manufactures and installs depositors, transfer pumps, piston fillers, volumetric fillers, food depositors, cake decorating systems, automated cake lines, multi-head depositors and bespoke food processing equipment world wide.

Apple Food Systems will continue to be the leading supplier of high quality food processing equipment and combine traditional values with the latest technology to produce cost effective, robust designs which constantly exceed our customer’s wishes. Apple Food Systems aims to provide engineering solutions to the food and pharmaceutical industries world-wide.

Deighton Manufacturing Limited 

Based in Bradford in the UK, Deighton Manufacturing Limited specialise in producing innovative equipment for the food processing industry. Our product portfolio has been designed and developed in direct response to customers’ needs, with our overall focus aimed at offering an affordable solution to cost effective production. 

As a result we offer the versatility and high performance of industrial counterparts at only a fraction of the expected investment and setup costs. Customers worldwide, who have installed the equipment, now operate fully automatic processing systems, resulting in increased efficiencies and improved product quality. But perhaps, most importantly these customers benefit from an investment in product development that are so fundamental to company growth.
CT ClipTechnik Deutschland GmbH 

We, the team from CT Cliptechnik Deutschland GmbH, supply well-known and successful meat and sausage products manufacturers around the world in the field of clip closure technology. The technical qualification with over 30 years of experience in this area is proven daily in dealing with our customers. We are particularly proud of our high quality clip machines of the series CDC and ClipStar "Made in Germany". Through the selection of our offered packaging machines in the field of re-closing clips, vacuum packaging and the corresponding consumables, we are now a reliable partner in bakeries, restaurants and non-food. Satisfied customers, cooperative partnership, reliable and motivated employees.

Lakidis SA 

LAKIDIS SA founded by Mr Lakidis Nikolaos is a leading industrial model within Greece. The company operates since 1965 in Thessaloniki and is situated on the 14th klm of Old National Road of Thessaloniki-Veria (near Aghialos) in private owned facilities (5000m2). The up-to-date production equipment used to form the company's production line establish a high quality status and dynamic figures in production quantities. N LAKIDIS SA produces high technology machines, which conform to all necessary specifications and deal with food processing. 

Also the company manufactures supplementary stainless steel equipment for the food industry such as tables, wagons, trolleys, washing trays e.t.c. Machines produced can cover the needs of small butcher shops to meat, poultry and fish processing industries. Various types of appliances and multifunctional devices, complex designs, all after customer demand, careful selection of materials and detailed design processes can be carried out by the company. 
Similar types of machinery are imported from foreign manufacturing companies and rebuilt, sold with one-year guarantee by N LAKIDIS SA. 
The company's primary aim is to constantly cover all needs its customers have and therefore efficiency is achieved in all of its efforts. 

Some of the company's main characteristics are:
Continuous investments on the methodology and on the technology used for production processes, is a must-do.
Awareness and consistency for customers' needs.
Time-proof PRODUCTS. 

Maintaining a competitive attitude and 'customer-care' ethos. N LAKIDIS SA satisfies major portion of the Greek Food Industries total count. The constant success of the company is based on the General Management's ability to follow through all recent needs that its customers have and promote PRODUCTS within the market, reliable and on time

Henkelman Vacuum Systems 

Henkelman specialises in the development, production and distribution of state-of-the-art vacuum packaging machines. From the smallest table-top vacuum packer up to the largest heavy duty vacuum double chambers. Henkelman offers the most complete range of professional vacuum packers.

Original Henkelman

- Made in Holland: functional design, ease of operation and a long life span. All in one.
- Plug & Pack: installation was never so easy.
- State-of-the-art vacuum technology and advanced options
- Clean & Safe: hygiene standards are maintained at all times, thanks to the construction.

Henkelman works with an exclusive and extensive international network of authorised dealers. Our focus is on offering value for money, on fast delivery times and on the efficiency of our service. This comes with many advantages:

- Three years warranty
- Fast delivery times
- Sales and technical support
- Competitive pricing
- Complete machine range, useful options for several types of industry

AK by Ramon 

RAMON, company founded in 1957 by Mr. Silvestre Ramón Heredia, father of the current General Manager, Mr. Silvestre Ramón García, who is in this charge since more than 20 years. Family company devoted to the design and manufacture of machinery for food and packaging industry.

After more than 50 years as manufacturers, we’ve grown as a reference in the sector, thanks to our values of honesty, responsibility, confidence, quality, dynamism and professionalism. We rely on a maturity and an experience which both borne out.

RAMON currently have at his disposal an extended range of products divided in two lines:

The most advanced professional line oriented food processing.

Modern vacuum packaging, flexible and reliable professionals.

Heat sealers for packaging products in trays.

All our machines are designed and manufactured by us, in our installations in Vilassar de Dalt, always trying to satisfy market necessities.We keep working on bringing you more and more products of high quality and guarantee you a good service, with the aim to count on our entire customer’s trust, which is our principal objective. We thank you them for their collaboration and faithfulness


C.R.M. is a world leader for the manufacturing automatic and semi-automatic industrial slicing and cutting machines for processing and slicing animal and vegetable origin food products.

It has a unity production with nr. 24 staff in Verderio Superiore (LC), spread out over permises of 6000 mqs., manufactures all of its own products, performing all necessary production functions and related services, autonomously. In over 25 years, the technical experience allowes CRM to be an ideal partner in realization of a special machines too, not standard.

C.R.M. today is able to meet all requirements of the meat processing industry with industrial cutters and slicers and capable of eliminating the various problems encountered in the cutting process as well as guaranteeing quality and cost effectiveness. The business chioces, have brought the C.R.M. to place side by side to the products of base, a series of integrable accessories and the commercialization of Italian and foreign machines, to offer a productive system completely personalized in comparison to the necessities of production of the great distribution and the meat industry. The staff made of qualified technicians, assures complete maintenance and service assistance in Italy and abroad, the technical office is at disposition of the customers for all necessary information on the optimal use of the products and the accessories CRM.

Samag Group 

Innovation today is everything, it’s the strategic choice that determines considerably the economic success of a company. Samag has chosen to grow and innovate by starting from the value of a CENTRAL organization structure. We call it customer orientation, listening to their needs with rapidity and without creating problems with direct use of the knowledge of the whole company, passed on directly to our customers. Only in this way can our 40 years experience be a guarantee and our products be immediately available.

SAMAG has built up over the years an important sales and service network that has been maintained and sustained by professionals and authorised sales points located in the whole of Italy and Europe. In addition to this, in order to monitor the market both from a commercial and technical service point of view, a new website that will enable all interested parties and possible new customers to interact “just in time” directly with the professional know-how of the mother company. This new reality will work side by side with the Samag and multi brand dealers network in Italy and Europe. Our company, even today, has available on-line innovative, technological, reliable and secure products with an elevated handling capacity and conseguently rendering the products convenient to use.

The difference

Our high capacity of planning and design and our vast experience enable SAMAG to be independent in the manufacture of the main components (thanks to our automated work centres) and be be able to analyse the needs of each single customer while maintaining and guaranteeing the control and interchangeability of spare parts in time. As well as the sale of fork lift trucks, SAMAG offers other services like renting, after-sales servicing, spare parts supply and training. We know that production experience gains more importance everyday. The promise of a positive relationship with the customer is found in the immediate replies given to their requirements and thus not having to lose many working hours due to truck breakdown. This philosophy requires the continuous presence of a SAMAG expert on-line and always present in the company for technical servicing and sales information.